Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My Sister's Wedding

Hi all -

It's a bit late, but I finally downloaded some pictures of my sister Sue's wedding. The ceremony was in the evening on Dec 13. It might seem odd to be married on the 13th, but she wanted a memorable date so was happy to get 12-13-14. We sure won't forget it!

Since it was a second marriage for both of them, they had a small ceremony at a bed & breakfast near home. It was only family and they rented the whole B&B for the night so we had the whole place to ourselves and those who were drinking could stay overnight. It was very nice!

Here is Sue with her bridesmaids. On the left is her husband Greg's daughter, Kelly. And on the right are her daughters Kelsey and Lindsey.

And the whole wedding party. Next to Sue are Greg's kids -- you've already met Kelly and I don't remember his son's name. Terrible, I know, but I've only met him a couple of times and I'm terrible with names! Next to Greg are Sue's kids. Trevor is her son's name. Aren't they a beautiful family?

After taking pictures outside, they had the ceremony inside. I wasn't in a good spot for pictures, but this gives you an idea of how nice it was.

And you can't have a wedding without a quilt, right? Here we are all around after they opened the quilt top I made for them. I only gave them a quilt top for the wedding since I wasn't told about it until August. They'll get the rest of the quilt for Christmas next year.

From the left we have Terra (my other sister's daughter), Trevor, Lindsey, Sue, myself and Greg.

I really like Greg and his family. They are all kind and considerate people. I hope they will be happy together forever!