Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Houston 2017 -- Special Exhibit Quits Part 3

Hi all -

Welcome to the 3rd and final post on the Houston 2017 special exhibit quilts. There are so many beautiful and amazing quilts that it's really hard to whittle them down to a reasonable number of quilts to post. Luckily, my internet provider sped up our lines this year so it's taking a lot less time to upload the pictures than it has in the past!

The next exhibit was the SAQA: Textile Posters exhibit.

Mammals of Oklahoma by Shannon Conley
Women's March on Washington by Trish Hodge
Elements #12: Blue River by Michele Hardy
One Pulse by Susanna Hotchkiss
I Am the Face of Rescue by Michelle Jackson
The SAQA: Masterworks: Abstract and Geometric exhibit had some pretty cool quilts:

Letters From a Friend II by Els van Baarle
Mended World by Judith Martin
Language of Frost by Aina Muze
Annular Eclipse by Fumiko Nakayama
Crazed 16: Suburban Dream by Kathleen Loomis
November 2, 2012-February 4, 2013 by Toot Reid
We by Eily van Steenbeek
Sine Me Up by Kent Williams
SYO #32 by Harue Konishi
Round and Round It Goes by Paula Kovarik
This quilt was really cool. All of the color came from inside of the quilt and they placed a light behind the quilt so you could see it:

Translucency and Kaleidoscope by Judith Larzelere

The Tactile Architecture 2017 exhibit is an annual exhibit challenging quilters to create works based on architectural themes and inspirations.

City Planner by Heather Black
Eichler Homes by Mickey Beebe, quilted by Tami Levin
La Cittadella by Sonia Bardella
Reflections of the Sydney Opera House by Bill Stearman, quilted by Deanna Gaudaur
Urban Voyeur: Taubman Museum by Jill Kerttula
MidTown by K. Velis Turan
Water Mirror by Carolina Asmussen
Dad's House Plan by Betty Tatum

And here are some quilts from the Texas Quilt Guild Showcase 2017 exhibit:

Arizona Sunrise by Shannon McGaw, quilted by Carrol Stewart
Birds in my Cabin by Fae Bryan
You Make Me Happy by Ellen Happe Phillips, quilted by Kim Norton
Fiesta De Talavera by Jerona Williams, quilted by Penny Barnes
Garden Bugs by Jackie Hillman, quilted by Mary Jo Yackley
Woodland Ferns by Kathy Kennedy-Dennis
Cinco de Mayo by Jeanette Sanford, quilted by S. Hollar
Tropical Garden -- Jardim Tropical by Cissa Kamakura, quilted by Linda Beiswanger
Scrap Baskets by Lynn Roddy Brown

I always enjoy The Modern Quilt Guild Showcase exhibit.

Self Portrait Behind the Pixels by Angela Bowman, quilted by Laura Pukstas
Madonna by Brittany Bowen Burton, quilted by Natalia Bonner
Lines #1 by Debbie Grifka
Shine a Light by Hillary Goodwin
State of Being by Cheryl Brickey
Ohio Snowball by Christine Perrigo
Inside Out by Susan Bleiweiss
Not Easy Being Green by Mary Keasler

The Trip Around the World in Folk Art Stitches exhibit displayed Catherine Redford's embroidery pieces inspired by folk art from different countries.

Flora and Fauna of Japan by Catherine Redford
Out of Africa by Catherine Redford
Variations on a Pot by Catherine Redford
Inspired by Molas by Catherine Redford
And here are some quilts from the Viewpoints 9: Word exhibit. I'm guessing the words were "home," "serenity" and maybe "migration."

Home by Kate Themel
Urban Decay by Betty Busby
Home: Mid-Century Modern by Diane Wright
Habitats : Species #3: Migrants, Returnees, and Settlers by Alicia Merrett
Reflecting by Martha Wolfe
Migrant: We Welcome All by Diane Wright
By Land and By Sea by Betty Busby
Nature's Whimsy by Lisa-Marie Sanders

I was really excited to see the Yoko Saito Through the Years, My Quilt Journey exhibit. I love her work and have several of her books.

Leather Handle Bag by Yoko Saito
Fagel Pipa by Yoko Saito
Blue Star Bag by Yoko Saito
Spring in Sweden by Yoko Saito
Julstjarna (Poinsettia) by Yoko Saito
Sampler Quilt by Yoko Saito
Mariner's Compass by Yoko Saito

Fence Posts by Yoko Saito
Cosmos by Yoko Saito
Hexagonal Pattern by Yoko Saito
And, finally, we have the a matter of time: exploring the fourth dimension in cloth exhibit.

Time Is, Was and Will Be by Mary McArdle
Where Does the Time Go? by Lisa Walton
Milkweed No. 2 by Sarah Ann Smith
The Eternity Spiral by Neroli Henderson
Growth Rings by Julie Harding
Rising and Setting by Deborah Boschert
Seasonal Yellow by Julie Haddrick
Patina: Ancient Amphora by Monica Johnstone
Czech 1410 by Sue de Vanny

Well, that's it for the special exhibits. In my next post I'll start sharing some of the contest quilts. As you can see, there are a LOT of quilts in Houston!