Friday, November 24, 2017

Houston 2017 -- Purchases

Hi all -

Since we all like to see what our friends have bought, I thought I'd share my Houston purchases in a quick post. This year I bought more than I usually do. I did my usual quick shopping during the Wednesday evening sneak preview, but then I also went through some of the vendors with some friends later in the week. It's the second trip through that did me in!

I have a couple of vendors that I always visit. These are the ones I visited on Wednesday. First stop is always SewBatik. I love their fabrics. They are top quality, the colors are always bright and they keep their lines around so you can always get more of a fabric that you need. And the owners are the nicest people around.

I also always stop at ArtFabrik to pick up some hand-dyed silks and perl cotton. I don't know yet what I'm going to do with the silks, but they are beautiful so I keep collecting them!

Another regular stop is Cherrywood for their beautiful hand-dyed fabrics. I love the suede look of these fabrics!

After hitting my regular stops, I did wander around a little bit and ended up picking up a couple of rulers from DeLoa Jones' booth. The three rulers on the right are from her booth:

The straight-edge ruler and the Handi Grips I picked up in Debby Brown's class. I'm excited to use the Handi Grips at home because there are the best ruler grippers I've found yet.

In Jane Sassaman's class, I was taken by a collection of 1/2 yard cuts:

It was the colors of these fabrics that really grabbed me. They are a really cool combination of pea green and purple. Sounds terrible, but I really love how they look together. I plan to make some sort of a bag out of these.

In Cherly Sleboda's class, I also picked up a few goodies:

(I actually picked up the stencil on the bottom at DeLoa's booth, but this is the picture that it ended up in.) I thought it would be good to have Cheryl's DVD for reference and her smocking template did make the marking a lot easier.

Then I did that extra shopping trip with my friends Susan and Janet, where I got more things that I didn't know I needed. 😊 On that trip, I picked up this bundle of silk strips:

This is another thing that I don't know what I'm going to do with, but I loved it so I got it. Then we went to the Sue Spargo booth, where I had a lot of fun! I love handwork and embroidery, so this was the perfect place for me! I'm just still holding out on collecting wool...

I look forward to making that needle roll after I finish with my Christmas stuff!

Finally, Janet turned us on to another company that makes hand-dyed sueded fabrics: Liberty Homestead.

She said that she has had trouble with the Cherrywood fabrics running, but has never had a problem with the Liberty Homestead fabrics running. I haven't had any trouble with the Cherrywood fabrics running myself, but I do like the price of this fabric. It's a good bit cheaper than the Cherrywood fabrics. The down side of the Liberty Homestead fabrics is that they don't have as many colors. I look forward to playing with these new fabrics!

That's everything that I bought while in Houston. A lot of fun stuff that I look forward to playing with! I bought just enough stuff that they made me open my bag at the airport and move two pieces of fabric from my suitcase to my carry-on bag. I also had to move the show program to my carry-on bag because they had put too many glossy pages in the program so the TSA x-rays were getting blocked and all of the bags were having to be hand-checked. I thought that was pretty funny!

I hope all of my American friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!



  1. How do you have room in your bag for all your purchases coming home??? I enjoyed each and everyone of your purchases. Good to know about the Liberty Fabrics as I too like the suede look of the Cherrywood Fabrics.

  2. I always make sure there's extra room in my bags when I pack for the trip. I bring a big suitcase and a duffle bag. With all of the class supplies I had to bring down there, adding the purchases completely filled up the suitcase and all of the clothes went in the duffle bag, along with a good amount of fabric that didn't fit in the suitcase. The duffle was completely full on the return trip!! Next year I'll bring the larger size duffle, just in case!