Monday, November 27, 2017

Houston 2017 -- Special Exhibit Quilts Part 1

Hi all -

Now I'll start with the best part of Houston 2017 -- The Quilts!! There were so many spectacular quilts that it's really difficult to go through and pick a few to showcase in my blog. What I'll try to show here are a variety of styles and techniques so that you can get a sense for the wide range of eye candy the show has to offer.

I'll start with the special exhibit quilts. These will be in alphabetical order by exhibit name, just because I keep the pictures in folders with the exhibit names and the computer automatically alphabetizes them. There are a lot of exhibits, so I probably won't hit all of them, but you'll get a good idea of what there is to see.

The first quilt is from the A Canadian Nine Patch Celebrating Canada's 150th Birthday exhibit. I just thought this was a really cool quilt:

They Say It's Your Birthday by Carol Stanley & Karen Power

Since I love color, I had to include a couple of quilts from the A Celebration of Color exhibit:

Savannah Lily by Mickey Beebe, quilted by Toni McAuliffe

Rainbow Cat Eyes by Laurie Ceesay
Reconstructed Color by Petra Soesemann
Slices of Opulence by Randa Mulford

The Between Me and the World: Identity and Activism in Quilts exhibit had quilts by Thomas Knauer representing issues of our times. This quilt has a block for each life lost to domestic violence each year -- 1,600 blocks in all:

Excess by Thomas Knauer & Lisa Sipes
The Breaking the Surface - Creating Digital Fiber Art exhibit featured digital image art made by Wen Redmond:

Crown Point by Wen Redmond
On a completely different note, the Creative Stitching exhibit featured wool applique quilts by Sue Spargo:

Bird Play #2 by Sue Spargo, quilted by Janet Joehlin
Peacock by Sue Spargo, quilted by Janet Joehlin
My Tree of Life by Sue Spargo, quilted by Carol Rickard
The featured artist at Houston this year was Danny Liu, whose work was displayed in the Freehand Patchwork by Danny Amazonas exhibit. He is the artist who taught the abstract landscape quilt class that I took. His stuff is so incredible that it's hard to pick just a few to share!!

Abyss by Danny Amazonas
Dragonfly by Danny Amazonas
Rainy Night by Danny Amazonas
Xavi by Danny Amazonas

The Hands All Around 2017 exhibit had a variety of quilts made by people all over the world:

Not Your Typical Tie Quilt by Bernadette Houghton, quilted by Barbara Persing
Preciousness by Rute Sato
The Story Continues by Dianne Firth
Cats on the Roof: Alumnas 2016 by Cecilia Koppmann

The I Am an Artisan Challenge exhibit featured quilts showcasing Kaffe Fassett's new Artisan fabric line. You all know how much I love Kaffe fabrics!!

WWKD (What Would Kaffe Do) by Barbara Jensen
Paint Can Posy by Mayleen Vinson
It's Intense by Janette Sheldon
The Wheel-Wright's Fantasy by Barb Sorensen
The In Full Bloom 2017 exhibit features flower-themed quilts.

Midnight Paradise by Heidi Lund
Victorian Jungle by Barbara McCraw
Baltimore Spring by Jerona Williams, quilted by Penny Barnes
Sol, Arena y Aire de Canarias by Pino Lopez del Pino
Floral Folk Art by Joy Palmer
Bursting With Color by Marianne R. Williamson
Remembering the 30s by Rita Schormann
The In the American Tradition - Appliqued exhibit features recently-made appliqued quilts that are inspired by traditional American quilts.

Beaded and Bedazzled by Rita Schormann
Mariner's Compass by Terrie Newman
Atomic Circles by J. Marcus Weekley
The Cotheals at Home by Mayleen Vinson, quilted by Jan Hutchinson
An American Family by Pamela Trantham

And as you probably guessed, the In the American Tradition - Pieced exhibit features recently made pieced quilts inspired by traditional American quilts.

Pine Burr by Sarah Tapiro, quilted by Zvia Strahilevitz-Klein
4" Baskets by Mickey Beebe, quilted by Mary Lundberg
Red Hot by Deborah Ross
For the Love of Hexies by Sharon Wilkinson, quilted by Leanne Kaufmann
The Never Ending Project by Barb Kissell, quilted by Meg Fazio
DWTS Thank You Bette by Mary Markworth, quilted by Melane McCuller
Storm at Sea by Terrie Newman
Indigo Shweshwe HST Quilt by Celeste Compion

Mille Fleurs by Valli Schiller
Golden Tapestry by Renee Perlman, quilted by Pat Harrison
Omigosh! by Kimberly Pratt

Well, it's getting late so I think I'll stop here. I'll try to get the rest of the quilts posted soon.



  1. Wow! I loved your photo show! What a wonderful and dynamic selection of quilts. How terrific to see them in person! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks! There are a lot more to come....

  2. Thanks for sharing, found thru TQS