Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Houston 2017 -- Special Exhibit Quilts Part 2

Hi all -

Here's the second part of the Houston 2017 special exhibit quilts.

The Made in New Mexico: Structural Diversity exhibit featured quilts interpreting the theme of "structures" made by artists in the New Mexico region of SAQA. The first quilt is a beauty made by my friend Robin. Do you like how her clothes match her quilt?

13 Daffodil Lane by Robin Gold
13 Daffodil Lane by Robin Gold
At the Crossroads by Cynthia Fowler
Disco Urchin by Betty Busby
Vogelkop Bowerbird by Judith Roderick
Old Blue by Michelle Jackson
The Nine Voices from One exhibit features works by surface artists.

Journey to the Center of the Earth by Gwen Hendrix
Protest and Protect: Science and the Arts by Ileana Soto, quilted by Angie Woolman
The Princess Warrior's Forest by Cheryl Olson
Fields by Liz Kettle

The Personal Iconography: Graffiti on Cloth exhibit featured artists' interpretation of "Graffiti on Cloth."

Jean-Michel Basquiat Revisited by Valerie White
Green Dog with Orange Ball by Cindy Cooksey
Self-Portrait by Frances Holliday Alford
Be Someone by Hope Wilmarth
Wild Thing! (Tuning Fork #36) by Heather Pregger
Dialect by Lyric Kinard
Icons in Blue by Suzan Engler
Goatherd by Rachel Parris
Work in Progress by Sue Bleiweiss
The Quilts 1650-1850: From "Broderie" to "Broderie Perse" exhibit is pretty self-explanatory. It's always fun to see the antique quilts mixed in with the contemporary quilts!

Center Medallion Broderie Perse Coverlet, United States, ca 1820
Center Medallion and Broderie Perse Quilt; United States, ca 1840
Whirling Star with Broderie Perse Quilt; United States, ca 1830
Lone Star with Broderie Perse; United States, ca 1820
Crewel Worked and Applique Coverlet; Probably Connecticut, United States, dated 1786 by Elizabeth Barnes Brookes
Embroidered Silk on Silk Quilt; France and probably China, ca 1800
Broderie Perse Tree of Life Quilt; Probably United States, ca 1800
Broderie Perse Coverlet; England, dated 1844 by E. R. Hall
The Remembering Sue Garman: Traditional Talent Extraordinaire featured quilts by Sue Garman. She was an incredible designer and quilt maker!! I love the wide variety of colors and styles in her quilts. (And I really need to get back to my Ruffled Roses quilt!)

The Houstonian by Sue Garman
The Flower Fairy Quilt by Sue Garman
Lily Rosenberry by Sue Garman & Denise Green
Spring Joy by Sue Garman, quilted by Denise Green
The Barrel Racer by Sue Garman
Chain Gang - Flowers, Stars & Chains by Sue Garman
Ruffled Roses by Sue Garman
Washington Medallion by Sue Garman
Blue Heaven by Sue Garman, quilted by LeeAnn Lively
Friends of Baltimore by Sue Garman, Cynthia Clark, Pat Cotter, Jerrianne Evans, Marsha Fuller, & Georgann Wrinkle, quilted by Sue Garman
Forever Yours by Sue Garman
Happy Daze by Sue Garman
Trick or Treat by Sue Garman
Postage Due by Sue Garman

The Rising Stars: Karlyn Bue Lohrenz exhibit featured quilts by artist Karlyn Bue Lohrenz.

The Monumental Way by Karlyn Lohrenz
The Hues of Amber by Karlyn Lohrenz
Bursting at the Greens by Karlyn Lohrenz
Bengal Peace by Karlyn Lohrenz
It All Comes Around by Karlyn Lohrenz

And, as you would guess, the Rising Stars: Sarah Ann Smith exhibit featured quilts by artist Sarah Ann Smith.

Bijagos Warrior by Sarah Ann Smith
Amaryllis by Sarah Ann Smith
Happy 80th Birthday, Mama by Sarah Ann Smith
Aslan's Song by Sarah Ann Smith
Haleakala Sunrise by Sarah Ann Smith
A Sense of Place: The Wall by Sarah Ann Smith
Machu Picchu by Sarah Ann Smith
From the Schooner Coast by Sarah Ann Smith
Descended From the Stars by Sarah Ann Smith
That's a lot of quilts, but there's still a lot more to come! I should be able to finish up the special exhibit quilts in my next post. Until then, I hope you enjoy these!!



  1. Again thanks, I especially enjoyed the Sue Garman as I had not seen some of the ones which there was no pattern.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed them! Thanks for stopping by!!