Saturday, August 15, 2015

New Sewing Machine & Table

Hi all -

I finally have the new sewing machine and table. My new machine is the Bernina 770QE and I bought a Koala table for it. I got the sewing machine at the end of June, but it took another 4-6 weeks for the table to come in so I've just been using it on my kitchen table. My new table arrived on Tuesday and now everything is set up. Here it is when I first got the machine into the table:

And a view from the side:

You see where Lance is laying? That's where he likes to lay, so we have a bit of a battle when I'm sewing. He usually wins and I have to adjust my chair around him. At this point I still had to install the shelves and stuff. You can see that when I sew I have a window next to my right elbow. On the sill, I keep the silverware container from my old dishwasher with my sewing supplies in the compartments. The cardboard is there to shade the stuff, like the sewing machine oil, from the hot sunlight. If you look closely at the window just above the cardboard, you'll see a circle. That circle is one of those magnetic scissors holders, another very convenient aspect of the window.

Here is what my sewing area looks like after installing the shelves and moving the pressing table back into position:

And from another angle (before cleaning up the mess):

You can see that my pressing table backs right up to the sewing table and the cutting table is against the next wall. I've found this to be a really convenient set up. I just have to keep the shade down on the window next to the pressing table so the sun doesn't warp my cutting mats.

Of course, nothing is perfect. We had a storm yesterday and the skylight right above the sewing table decided to start leaking. Luckily, the leak was away from the sewing machine so it didn't get wet. Hopefully, I'll be able to find a roofer to come up here and fix that. I live in an area where it's very difficult to find any workmen who'll come up here so this isn't going to be easy. Wish me luck!



  1. That's some table! And you are still in front of the window with the fabulous view, what a dreamy studio. Lucky you