Monday, November 9, 2015

Houston - The Exhibit Quilts

Hi all -

In my second Houston post I thought I'd share some of the quilts from the different exhibits. There were a lot of exhibits, but I'll just be sharing my favorites. Probably the most spectacular exhibit was the quilts made in honor of the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta. Those of you who are TQS veterans probably know Lorchen. A friend of hers was one of the artists who worked on these quilts. My friend Sharon and I were lucky enough to meet Lorchen and her friend last spring when they visited the US. Here is the full exhibit from the left:

And from the right:

And a couple of the individual quilts:

The Log Cabin - Today! exhibit featured Log Cabin quilts made by Brigitte Morgenroth. It was full of spectacular Log Cabin quilts in a variety of settings using a variety of fabrics, including a lot of silks. I loved it! Here are a few of her quilts:

Opernball by Brigitte Morgenroth
Bolero by Brigitte Morgenroth
Gebrochene Linien - Broken Lines by Brigitte Morgenroth
Goldener Oktober by Brigitte Morgenroth
Metall - Metal by Brigitte Morgenroth
Firmament by Brigitte Morgenroth
Sahara by Brigitte Morgenroth
Ace of Spades by Brigitte Morgenroth
Wow! I just love her sense of color, her creative arrangements and the beautiful shine of the special fabrics she uses! I'm ready to start cutting into my silks and make something fun! That is, after I finish up with Christmas presents and other projects......

The Hands All Around exhibit features artists from around the world incorporating influences from their own culture into their work.

Birds by Cecilia Koppmann
Celebration of Life by Mugdha Dongare
The Gift by Sonia Bardella
Tengo Hambre (I Am Hungry) by Jennifer Day
Autumn Fields by Akiko Kawata
Big Bang by Marlies Janssen
I always have a love/hate relationship with the Modern Quilt Guild quilts. I'll just share the love:

Comma Comet by Pam Biswas and Janet Gammon
Rain by Christa Watson
Wavelength by Rebecca Bryan, quilted by Angela Walters
Huckleberry by Rebecca Bryan
Paper Cranes by Sylvia Schaefer
Bullseye by Vicki Ruebel
Echoes by Leanne Chahley
Pointed Statement by Amy Friend
Embers by Stephanie Ruyle
There were many more quilts and I wish I could share them all, but I'm getting tired so I'm going to stop here. I hope you enjoyed these!


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  1. What a wonderful view of some of the exhibits! Thank you!