Thursday, July 20, 2017

Luv Shack Top Pieced

Hi all -

As usual, I've been jumping around on my quilting projects. I was doing more paper piecing for the blocks for the quilt that I started in my Batik Wheels class at the KCRQF, but I kept thinking about a paper piecing kit I'd bought years ago with a gift certificate that I got from a friend. I decided that I needed to dig it out and get it pieced.

The main blocks of the quilt are paper pieced from a large stash of red and fuchsia/purple fabrics:

There are 12 of these blocks arranged with sashing and half-square triangle cornerstones (this picture is probably closest to the true colors of the quilt):

There are two borders: a plain, thin border and a wider random piano key border:

I love the bright colors of this quilt and how it just glows! The pattern is Luv Shack by Heather Pregger and Kyra Loadman. The instructions aren't the greatest, but it's an easy quilt to figure out. They also have you make the outer border using strip sets, but I cut each piece individually and pieced them randomly. I'm the type of person who has to look for the pattern when there is one, so "random" piecing using strip sets doesn't work well for me.

I was also able to sign up for my classes for Houston this week. I didn't get my class catalog early. like I was supposed to, so I watched the Web site like a hawk and submitted my registration as soon as that opened up. I got my confirmation the next day and I got all but one of my requested classes, so that was lucky. The class I didn't get is on Monday afternoon, so I submitted an addition to the registration to try to fill that spot. Since the show isn't going on then, I won't have anything to do that afternoon if I don't get into a class. The addition hasn't been processed yet, but hopefully I'll get into one of the two classes I chose. I've had my hotel reservations since last Nov and I bought my plane tickets this week, so all I have left to do is reserve a spot on the Super Shuttle. I'd better get that done soon so I don't forget!

Hope you're enjoying your summer!!


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  1. Wow, Nancy, that piece does glow and what a ton of paper piecing! I'm glad you were able to get into all your classes--I hope that last add will go through. You will have a great time in Houston!