Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Grand Illusion Mystery Part 2

Hi all -

Well, it's time for the Grand Illusion Mystery part 2 link-up, but I'm not quilt finished with this week's clue.  Here's what I have so far:

The units you see at the bottom, although these aren't sewed together yet, are the final units for this week. I'm using the sew-and-flip method for making the rectangular units. It's more time-consuming, but that's just more accurate for me. And I love having the bonus half-square triangle units you see in the picture. These aren't part of this quilt, but will be useful in another quilt or if I decide that this quilt needs an additional border. I have about half of the rectangular units done (there are 200 of these, to make 100 squares), and then will need to sew these together into square. But I won't have access to my sewing machine until after Christmas, so I'll have to catch up then. Looking forward to it!!

I also finished the last of my Christmas presents:

These are for my two sisters. They are made from some of my mom's linens. I believe these were those cloths that they used to put on the arms of chairs. These are handmade and I'm assuming they were made by my mom, but don't know for sure. The pictures are of my mom and her sister when they were toddlers, around 1929. Here's a close-up of the one for my sister, Sue:

And the one for Linda:

Here's a better shot of my quilting:

And here's the back of Sue's:

I did write the names of my mom and her sister on the backs after I took the pictures, so all of the information is recorded. I really love how they turned out and think my sister's will be thrilled!

That finishes my Christmas shopping and sewing and wrapping, and just in time since I leave tomorrow to go home. My sister Sue is getting married on Saturday, so I'm staying through Christmas to save me a bunch of driving.

Happy Quilting!



  1. Your Christmas presents are wonderful. I'm sure your sisters will love them. Your usage of browns as neutrals is interesting too...I have been debating that. Seeing yours, I think I might try some.

  2. Your mystery blocks look like they are coming along well. I love the gifts for your sisters!