Saturday, July 2, 2016

Lil' Gee Bags

Hi all -

For fun this week, I decided to work on a couple of little bags from another of those cheap kits I got from Connecting Threads. This time the kit contained the Lil' Gee Bag pattern and fabric for two little bags:

I've been wanting a little bag to keep at work so I can just throw my keys and cell phone in the bag when I take Lance for a walk on days when I'm wearing pants that don't have pockets. I think one of these will be perfect! Here's a look at the inside:

And the pocket on the  back:

I also finished the scarf I've been working on:

This is from the One-Skein Scarf pattern by Bobbe Morris in the book One-Skein Wonders. It was easy to knit and has a wonderful texture:

Lance and Buttercup like it, too:

Next, I think I'll work on my first Hospice quilt. I've been planning on making quilts for the Kansas City Hospice House ever since my mom passed away there in 2013, but I'm good at procrastinating. I finally talked to someone there to find out what size would be useful and have designed my first quilt. They mentioned that they generally have a higher need for patriotic quilts, so I came up with this design:

I plan to piece this using the same technique I used for my other chevron quilt described here. I'm going to try to be careful to write down all of my steps as I go along so I can write up patterns for both quilts. Although I really don't need it, I decided to splurge on some new fabric for this quilt. The fabrics on the left are candidates for piecing the top; the star fabric on the right is the backing and the other fabrics on the right are just ones that appealed to me:

My plan is to use a different fabric for each chevron, but the same fabric across that chevron row, if that makes sense. I got extra so I'd have choices and they'll be good to have on hand for future Hospice quilts.



  1. Wonderful bags! I made some that don't have the flap or the pocket . . .but, served the same purpose. . .a place to put my keys and phone when I don't have a pocket in my clothing! Your fabrics and design will make a stunning quilt. Lance is a wonderful model!--Terry

  2. Hi Nancy!
    Love the bags yes they'll be great for those pocket-less pants!
    Always like your knitting too. I especially like your blue/green variegated yarn. I like also your Chevron quilts color choices. I know the quilts will be appreciated.

    1. Thanks! I think that blue/green yarn was very pretty (all used up now) and I might give one of the hats and the scarf to a niece who is very fond of that color combination. They'd look really nice with her beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes!

  3. Super little bags and scarf. The chevron quilt looks like fun. Great work going on there! :D

  4. The little bags are so cute and look very useful. The chevron quilt design is wonderful. I am looking forward to seeing your fabrics come together into a quilt.

  5. I love our little bags as well and the quilt plan. Lance looks great as usual in his role as model!
    I'm sure Buttercup would like to be a model as well

    1. Thanks! I'll have to try to use Buttercup as a model sometime -- sometime when I have someone ready to drive me to the emergency room. Her sweet little claws are razor sharp!