Saturday, June 24, 2017

Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival 2017 - Quilts

Hi all -

I just got back from Kansas City where I visited with family and attended the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival. It was a good trip. I always enjoy seeing my family and it's an extra treat to also have a quilt show to attend. Those of you who read my blog regularly know that I set myself up for a stressful show by signing up for too many classes and then I had to delay my drive out there until the day before the show started because one of my cats had gotten an injury behind his ear. (It healed up great, by the way!) My stress is evident by my pictures (or lack thereof) of the show quilts. I had signed up for classes all day, every day of the show. But my sister procrastinated and didn't get signed up for any classes so I gave her my Thursday evening class so I could take that time to see the show. Of course, even though I got my camera out in the morning, I forgot to bring it that day so I got to look at all of the quilts, but didn't get the pictures that I usually get. So I ran back up to the show in between classes on later days and took a few pictures, but forgot to take pictures of the placards so that I would know the names of the quilts and who made them. So here is what I have to share of the quilts and I apologize to the quilt makers for not properly giving them credit!

I'll start off with the Best of Show winner:

A lot of you will recognize this as one of the incredible quilts by Janet Stone. I believe that this one is called A-E-I-O-Ewes. I'm sorry if I got that wrong! I first saw this quilt in Houston a couple of years ago when it won a 1st place award. The colors in this quilt are so cool!!

Next I'll share a quilt by my friend Sharon Engel:

I apologize that I don't remember the name of this quilt. But here are some close-ups of her incredible applique:

She does such beautiful work!!

I don't know the makers of the rest of the quilts I'm going to share. The first is a feathered star that really appealed to me:

Feathered stars are definitely on my some-day list! Then there were a couple of applique quilts that had really interesting quilting:

I really love bright appliques on a white background with innovative background quilting! This last quilt, if I remember right, was in the guild section of the show rather than the contest section:

I love the way they followed the color wheel with their fabric choices! And it also had some pretty nice background quilting:

I wish I had more to share, but that's all I got to this time. There really were a lot of wonderful quilts in this show!

My next post will talk about the classes that I took. There were some good ones and some not-so-good ones.



  1. nancy, thanks for the shout out for my quilt. I met Janet at the quilt pick up on Saturday evening. It was great to see you.

    1. Thanks to you for letting me enjoy your quilt by putting it in the show! It was great seeing you, too! I'm glad you got to meet Janet. She's a real sweetheart!

  2. Beautiful quilts!! Thanks for sharing!! I'd love to see Sharon's quilt in person!!

    1. Sharon's quilt is a real treat in person!