Saturday, June 10, 2017

Preparing for KCRQF

Hi all -

Lately I've been preparing my class supplies for the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival next week. As usual, I signed up for a bunch of classes, more than I should have. I made a mistake and signed up for classes all day Thursday through Saturday, assuming I would look at the show on Sunday. Last time, Sunday was a great day to look at the quilts and see the vendors because there were very few people there. Well, I guess they noticed how dead it was on Sunday, too, because this year the show ends on Saturday. Oops! And they have a no-refund policy for their classes so I'm just going to enjoy the classes and see as much of the show as I can in between. That'll be fine. It's not like I don't look at quilts every day!

In pulling together my supplies, I saw that one of the quilting classes lists bringing either sample sandwiches or a couple of small projects like table runners or wallhangings to use in class. I love that idea! I have so many sample sandwiches from classes just sitting that I don't know where to keep them or what to do with them. It'll be nice to work on a final project rather than adding to my samples pile. So I decided to make a couple of table runners that I can use later as gifts.

The first table runner I made was based on one made by Vicki on Machine Quilters' Resource ( I really loved the design so decided to make one like it. Here's what I came up with:

Then I searched around on the Web for free table runner patterns and found a few that I liked. The first one I made is from the Squares and Strips Table Runner pattern from

I used a package of 2.5" strips that I had purchased at a quilt show several years ago and a solid that I have in my stash. I really love how this turned out, but it's huge -- 26.5"x74.5". I'm going to bring it along to class just in case it works for whatever we do, but if I don't use it in class it might end up becoming part of the backing of a quilt.

The other table runner I made is from the Kaffe Kite Runner pattern from Rowan fabrics. I decided to use Kaffe fabric for mine, too, but changed the colors:

I really love how this one turned out and look forward to finding some interesting quilting designs for it. I hope I can use this one in class! I'm not exactly sure what we'll be learning. The class is called "Advanced Sit-Down Quilting on a Sweet 16: Combining Techniques to Create Ornate Motifs" and it sounds like we will be using stencils and/or rulers. Should be fun!

One other thing I made recently was a little project bag for a quilting friend's 70th birthday:

This is from the Peek-A-Boo Bag pattern by Terri Stoats. I made one of these bags for myself several years ago and I really love it. And it's quick and easy to make. I'll have to make a couple more of these!



  1. Wow Nancy your tables must be huge. Love them they're so colourful and will be fun to quilt in class. Looking forward to your report back on the classes.
    Nice present for your friend.

    1. Ha ha! I actually only have one table in my house and it's not big. But the Kaffe and modern table runners aren't very big, either. They just look big because of how the pictures were taken. I'll definitely post about the classes!

  2. What fun projects! Yes, those table runners are on the big side; but, so much smaller than a quilt! You are going to get some good ideas on how to quilt each. I look forward to hearing about your classes. . .bummer about the show not being on Sunday!!!

    1. Thanks! I'll definitely report back after the show.