Friday, December 1, 2017

Houston 2017 -- Contest Quilts Part 1

Hi all -

I've shared a bunch of the special exhibit quilts, so now it's time to share a bunch of the contest quilts. There are a lot more incredible quilts to come!! I'll share these by category, again in alphabetical order since that's easiest for me.

Art - Abstract, Large

Schist #2 by Heather Pregger (3rd place)
Lichen by Betty Busby (honorable mention)
OG by Karen K. Stone
Lines of Communication #7 by Anne Hammond (1st place)
Shelter by Ann Horton
Cum et Iris by Sandra Ruano Navarro
Celebration #2 by Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry (2nd place)

Art - Abstract, Small

Rhythms Within II by Beth Porter Johnson (2nd place)
Neuron by Hope Wilmarth
Fireweed by Jean Wells Keenan (3rd place)
Llums by Montserrat Forcadell Blasco
Daydream by Ellen Lindner
Shadow Lands by Leah Gravells
The Prairie's Changing Landscape by Ana Buzzalino (1st place)
Versatile by Ruth White
Evolving I by Lucia Chan (judge's choice - Victoria Findlay Wolfe)
Universal by Julie Schlueter
Moonswept by Nikki Hill
Art - Miniature

Rainbow Pines II by Frieda Anderson
Regen's Garden by Lois Podolny
Limbs, Ladders, Roots and Rocks by Deborah Boschert
C9: Intercalation by Ruth White
Windy City #3 by Laura Wasilowski
Splash! by Diane Rusin Doran
Boy on Fence by Jennifer Day
Warner, AB by Ana Buzzalino
Scene from an Ordinary Life by Rebecca Lilly Segura (honorable mention)
Colorado Country: Lake Dillon by Sharon Schlotzhauer (1s place)
Magenta Water Lily by Barbara McKie
Dr. Lizard by Tonya Littmann
Hadlock Bridge by Barbara Binotto (3rd place)
Emu, I See You! by Ruth Powers (2nd place)

Art - Naturescapes

Toyama Bay by Masako Sakagami
Ananda at Last by Cheryl Olson
Lake Martin Sunset by Judy Momenzadeh
Autumn Evening by Barbara Oliver Hartman (1st place)
In Awe of the Beauty and Power of Water by Pat Hilderbrand
See the Leaves for the Tree by Marilyn Farquhar (judge-s choice - David Taylor)
Pinecones by Lenore Crawford (2nd place)
Early Morning on the Lake by Susan Nestegard (3rd place)
Art - Painted Surface

White Knight by Patt Blair (1st place)
Tickled Pink by Debra Crine (2nd place)
All Dressed Up by Pat Durbin
Gossiping Ducks and Hungry Tiger by Linda Anderson
Identity Crisis by Helen Godden & Jonathan S. Evans (3rd place)
The Second Time Around by Esterita Austin
Volga River Ammonite by Kimberly Lacy
Still Standing by Linda Waddle (honorable mention)
Red Sunflower by Mary Ann Vaca-Lambert
Green Sea Turtle by Karen McGregor (honorable mention)

Art - People, Portraits and Figures

Jake by Carol Morrissey (1st place)
Blossomed by Heidi M. Proffetty (2nd place)
In the Mood for Love by Jing Chen
The Minotaur by Marilyn Belford
Morning Song by Nancy Dickey
Heavenly Officials Leader by Chi Chen Wen
Puppy Love by Lea McComas
Daddy, Hold My Hand by Heidi M. Proffetty (3rd place)
Did You See That! by Gillian Shearer (honorable mention)
Art - Pictorial

Mesa Verde Cliff Palace by Kathy Adams & Joanne Baeth (1st place)
Girona Portal by Laura Fogg (3rd place)
Echoes in Little Venice by Nancy Woods
Seasoned With Time by Karlyn Lohrenz
Perched Hamadryas by Sharon R. Nemirov
Dad's Blue Truck by Tonya Littmann (honorable mention)
Kitten's Dreams by Hiroko Miyama & Masanobu Miyama (honorable mention)
Pansies Extraordinaire by Charlotte Hickman
Sami, aka Tree Kitty by Lisa Steinka (honorable mention)
Making Amends by Carol Cote
Winnie by Randa Mulford
Am I Not Handsome? by Paula Klingerman
Justice & Freedom by Virginia Greaves
At the Waterhole by Sheila Finzer (2nd place)
Romeo by Pamela Burke
Keeping Up Appearances by Jan Reed (honorable mention)
Lion Hunt, 865 B.C. by Carol Ann Sinnreich
I Must Go Down to the Sea Again by Leah Gravells
Pearls Across the Sky by Jean Freestone (honorable mention)
Contraste de Sabores by Montserrat Forcadell Blasco

Art - Whimsical

A Village for All Seasons by Karen Eckmeier (3rd place)
Wind in the Workshop by Shirley Gisi (honorable mention)
It Started with a Mermaid by Pamela Lott Peck
Unconditional by Taekyung Kang (2nd place)
Spool Party by Susan V. Polansky
Erte Bazaar II by Susan de Vanny
Wrinkly/Irony by Connie Kincius Griner
Masquerade by Dawn Siden
Celtic Fox by Kathy McNeil (1st place)
That's all of the art quilt categories, so I think this is a good place to stop. I'll move on to the other categories in my next post.



  1. Wwowwwwwow! The creativity in these pieces is amazing!!!! Thanks for sharing your photos!

    1. There's always so much to see at the show! So many incredible quilts!