Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Houston 2017 -- Contest Quilts Part 2

Hi all -

Here are contest quilts from the rest of the categories from Houston this year. So many wonderful quilts!!


Come Into Bloom by Eun-suk Lee
Basket of Flowers by Rhonda Dort
The End of the Drought by Jan Reed
Lucifer by Cathy Wiggins
Starburst by Susan Stewart (3rd place)
Therapy by Betty Pillsbury
Hope Rising by Eileen Daniels
Really "Wild" Flowers! Third Season by Sharon Schlotzhauer (2nd place)
The Bleaching by Linda Steele
Love by the Moon, Live by the Sun by Jackie Hillman
3547 Redfox Circle...Life by Sandra Branjord (honorable mention)
Field Sketch -- Cornflower by Noriko Nozawa (1st place)


Service for 12 by Tracy Back and the Rambling River Art Quilters
The English Garden by Tomoko Takeuchi and 8 Friends
Anne's Favorite Cherry Tree Road in Avonlea by Mutsuko Shindo and 9 Friends
Enchantment by Julie Brandon, Kathi D. Everett & Valerie J. Schultz (honorable mention)
Shadow Dancing by Tomoko Tsunoda and 10 Friends
Direction Optional by Stephanie Ruyle, L Chahley, K Foster, H Goodwin, M Debetaz, MR Charbonneau, F Ronaghan, D Jeske, A Sullivan & K Vojtechovsky, quilted by C Perrigo
Infinitely Poppy Field by Yoko Sakaguchi and 10 Friends (3rd place)
Four Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Page Johnson, Mary Reinhardt, Dee Legvold & Nathan Carter (1st place)
The Bonds by Takashi Kusaka and 7 Friends

From Olive Country by Naoko Sasaki
Present from Mother by Yoko Ogihata
Promenade of Dahlia by Naomi Ootomo
Memory in Blue by Yasuko Sugaya (3rd place)
The Spirit of Flowers by Mayumi Mutou
Time Traveler From Byzantine by Masako Kumagawa
A Time of the Madder Red by Toyoko Nakajima (2nd place)
Innovative Applique

Receiving Grace by Elizabeth McDowell Heagy (honorable mention)
Diaspora: Journey to Sanctuary by Mary Kay Fosnacht
Judgement of Osiris by Georgia Spalding Pierce
The Iron Throne by Candace West (honorable mention)
Hothouse Hybrids by Liz Jones (3rd place)
Turkish Treasures by Pat Holly (1st place)
Whimsical Bicycle by Sally Manke
I Love Mucha by Mariko Miwa
Night Hawk by Claudia Clark Myers & Marilyn Badger
Raven by Claudia Barner

Innovative Pieced

Unfurling by Frieda Anderson (1st place)
Uptown Rail Fence by Maria Shell (3rd place)
Sunset in Maui by Rebecca Belsaas & Rebecca Smith
Summer Memory by Yoshiyuki Ishizaki (honorable mention)
Floor -- Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes by Pat Connally (2nd place)
Merit Quilting, Hand

Longing for Persia by Ishihara Kiyoko
Cauterskill Rising by Janet Atkins
Santa Maria del Fiore by Mieko Sasano (honorable mention)
Elegance by Elsie Campbell (2nd place)
Happy Quilt by Chizuko Ito (3rd place)
Flower News by Sachiko Chiba (1st place)
Merit Quilting, Machine-Frame

First Frost by Jan Hutchison (2nd place)
Star of India by Kristin Vierra (1st place)
Black Pearl by Natasha de Souza Bugarin & Aline Bugarin (honorable mention)
Wickedly Green by Deborah Poole (3rd place)
The Navigator's Star by Aline Stefane de Souza Bugarin & Natasha Bugarin

Merit Quilting, Machine-Stationary

Hwasung Fortress by Mikyung Jang
Annabelle's Wedding Feast by Kathleen Rountree
Adventures in Wonderland by Fabia Diniz Mendonca (1st place)
Sapphires on Snow by Norma Ippolito
Atrapasuenos by Isabel Munoz Bueno
Zen by Yuko Murakami (3rd place)
The Recipe of Happiness by Anna Orduna Pons (2nd place)
Chemical Attraction by Swan Sheridan

Whirlygig by Linda Crouch (1st place)
Modern Love by Megan Farkas
Share and Share Alike by Betsy Vinegrad
Little George by Debby Eades
Mini V by Grace Sim (honorable mention)
Copper Pennies by Amy Pabst (2nd place)
Rose Mandala by Kumiko Frydl (3rd place)

Mixed Technique

Finding One's Path by Michal Peter-Anderson
Paradise in Bloom by Mary Ann Schuckel & Cathy Hughes
Advance to Tomorrow by Miyoko Watanabe
Kaleidoscope Ammonite by Kimberly Lacy
Drama Queen by Claudia Clark Myers & Marilyn Badger
Scent of Flowers by Tomoko Arai
Oh, Dear! by Christine Yi (1st place)
The Twisted Sister by Margaret Solomon Gunn (2nd place)
Baskets and Blooms by Rita Warnock (3rd place)

Surface Design

Disparity by Karlee Porter (1st place)
Treasure by Betty Hahn
Blossoming by Diane Rusin Doran (2nd place)
Stand Up by Becky Grover
Old Timer by Suzan Engler (honorable mention)
Woven Journey by Claudia Pfeil (3rd place)
Mudra by Melissa Sobotka

Traditional Applique

The Four Queens by Victoria Rondeau
Flower Vine by Susan Byrne
For Such a Time as This by Kathy K. Wylie (1st place)
Rejoice by Molly Hamilton-McNally (3rd place)
Art of the Ancient World by Robin Gausebeck
Wonderland by Renae Haddadin & Karen Kay Buckley
Wind of June by Ritsuko Uchida
Wrapped Up in Fragrance of Rose by Mizue Matsuda (Founders honorable mention)
My Town and Country by Shirley Guier (judge's choice - Stevii Graves)
Family Reunion by Barbara McCraw
Girona Flower Time by Manoli Lozano-Lozano
Thanks Friends by Eriko Kubo (2nd place)

Traditional Pieced

Hullabaloo by Valli Schiller
Jewels by Amy Pabst (2nd place)
Near and Far by Wilma Moss & Floyd Moss
Magnetic Attraction by Gail Stepanek & Jan Hutchison (3rd place)
Another Day at the Office by Pauline Salzman
Diamond Effervescence by Beth Nufer & Clem Buzick (1st place)
That does it for the contest quilt categories. I'll finish my Houston blog posts next time with the big winners. Love to leave the best for last!!



  1. Oh be still my heart!!! I enjoyed each and every photo while I sipped a cuppa! Wow! So many wonderful pieces. Thank you so much for sharing them!!!