Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Denver Mancuso 2015

Hi all -

We went to the Denver Mancuso quilt show last Thursday, and I'm finally getting around to posting some pictures. Sorry for the delay!

I met my friends Sharon and Linda at the door right before they opened. We all like to be early birds! And going on Thursday lets you really see the quilts because they don't have the crowds. What a great day! We first walked around and looked at all of the quilts, had lunch, visited the vendors and then, the highlight of the day, we met up with our online friend Lorchen and her friend Brenda all the way from England. They flew in for a retreat with Ricky Tims in LaVeta, and lucked out to get here just in time for the quilt show. It was SO wonderful to meet these two sweet and talented women! Here's a picture of the group:

Nancy, Linda, Lorchen, Sharon and Brenda
We had so much fun!!

And now for some of the quilts...

To start off, we ran to see Sharon's quilt hanging in the show:

A to Z with Ewe and Me! by Sharon Engel
Isn't it beautiful! The workmanship is unbelievable! This quilt won Best of Show:

Ravendale Star by Linda Fleschner

And these are just some of my favorites:

Glacier Star by Barbara Odor
This one was so cool. I love the colors and there was an incredible amount of hand work. This might have been my favorite quilt in the show, although it would be really hard to pick just one!

Primitive Web by Linda Roy

Hosta on Fire by Charmaine Erickson

Pyrite Ammonites by Kimberly Lacy

Parker Lake Cabin by Ellen Palmer

The threadwork on this one was incredible. I would love to be able to do something like this myself someday!

Larger Than Life by Carol Kolf
I didn't find this quilt that appealing from a distance. It just didn't speak to me. But, when we got closer, it was hilarious! It was covered with things her daughter says.

Sh...t My Daughter Says by Deborah Wright
Here are a few of the things that her daughter says:

  •  "Morrissey needs a puppy!"
  • "Making cupcakes and a ham. Because obviously those two things go perfectly together."
  • "Nothing like waking up early to manhandle a turkey"
  • "Because why wouldn't you Hula hoop at the laundromat?"

The colors in this quilt just seemed to make it glow:

Garnets For Kristina by Rasa Read

This quilt was just so cool! Do you see the four dog faces? What I didn't notice at first was that the centers of the flowers were dog noses. Pauline's quilts are always so creative!

High Crimes & Misdemeanors by Pauline Salzman
And the colors of this Dear Jane quilt just really drew me in:
Dear Jane Goes Batty with Batiks by Patricia Lamfers
This quilt was in the antique quilt exhibit. It's a crib quilt. I really love the colors, but what really drew me in on this one was the reverse applique feather in the border:

Double Irish Chain Crib Quit

Finally, a couple of TQS BOM quilts. I have versions of both of these quilts in my UFOs. I hope mine turn out as nicely as these!

Firefly Night at White Oak Farm by Kathryn Zimmerman

Ruffled Roses of Basel by Jean Konopacz
I hope you enjoyed the show!


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