Saturday, June 27, 2015

KCRQF "Fine Finishes" with Deb Hillen

Hi all -

Today I thought I'd start sharing pictures and information about the classes I took at the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival. There were a lot of great classes available and I really enjoyed the ones I took.

The first class I took was "Fine Finishes" with Deb Hillen. In this class we learned about different embellishments and how to attach them to our quilts. Deb teaches Fashion Design at Johnson County Community College. She had a lot of great quilts to show us with a lot of different fun embellishments. Here is Deb teaching the class:

And here are a few of her samples:

I really love that flower!

For this class, we just had to bring some scissors and she provided all of the other supplies. It was nice to not have to dig up everything that we needed for the class. If I remember right, the kit fee was $35 and this is what we got:

I don't know if you can see everything in the picture, but we got a piece of fleece for putting the beads on while working and a little plastic plate with a magnet in the middle that could also be used while working. We got needles, beading thread, pins, a piece of felted wool that can be used as a little pin cushion and two different types of needle threaders. There were beads of different types and sizes, sequins, charms and different threads. She also made little mini-quilts for each of us out of her hand-dyes to use for our practice pieces:

Pretty cool, huh? She talked about a bunch of different embellishments and had us practice a few techniques. Here is a nice, straight line of beads:

Here you can see how we attached a cabochon to a quilt using towers of beads and a technique for creating a heavy line of beads over some rattail. The heavy line of beads is a technique she used in a quilt for making a beaded flower stem and you completely cover the rattail with the beads so you end up not seeing any of the cord:

I really enjoyed the class and think I'll find the cabochon attaching technique especially useful.


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