Monday, June 29, 2015

KCRQF "Fill Harmonics" with Sue Heinz

Hi all -

Another wonderful class at the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival was "Fill Harmonics" with Sue Heinz. I had heard good things about her books a while ago so had purchased the set of 3 books and was very impressed. So I was very excited when I saw that she was teaching a class in Kansas City. And, I must say, I was not disappointed!

Sue is a very energetic and funny lady! And it didn't hurt that she brought cookies and chocolate for us, which really helped us get through this class that ran from 5:00 to 8:00. Seriously, though, Sue is an excellent teacher and has a lot to share.

In this class we were learning about different fills. We started with pebbles and pebble variations, moved through swirls and ended up with grid-based fills. All of the fills were great and Sue did a wonderful job of breaking things down to the required marking and the most efficient path to follow to make the designs. She also advanced from straight grids to circular grids. It was all wonderful!

Here are some of her samples to whet your appetite:

Aren't her designs beautiful?


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