Wednesday, July 1, 2015

KCRQF "Modern Crazy Piecing" with Jacquie Gering

Hi all -

I was really excited to be able to take "Modern Crazy Piecing" with Jacquie Gering at the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival. I absolutely love Jacquie's work! It is so crisp and clean and interesting. Some of the improvisational modern works look thrown together and uninteresting to me (just a personal preference), but Jacquie's improvisational work always draws my eye.

Anyway, this class was about taking scraps and sewing them together improvisationally to get fabric to use in your quilts. Here are some examples in her work:

Jacquie talked about how to choose your fabrics when pulling things together to get the best effect and little tricks for disguising the sewing lines:

She tends to make monochromatic pieces, but said it also works with multiple colors so I decided to try that route. Here are my pieces so far:

I stuck to mostly cool colors with a few zingers. I'm not sure how much I like my pieces, although I do think they look better in the picture. But I'll keep adding to these as time permits and see how they look once I put them into a quilt. It'll also look a lot better once it's cut into the actual pieces for a quilt.

This was another good class with a wonderful teacher.


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