Sunday, July 5, 2015

KCRQF Quilts

Hi all -

I'm finishing off my series of Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival posts with a sampling some of the quilts in the show. There were two sections to the show: judged quilts and guild quilts. I wasn't sure what to expect since this wasn't a juried show, but I was very pleasantly surprised. There were a lot of beautiful, well-made quilts in this show.

Let's start with the judged show:

Heralds of Spring by Joann Webb
A Letter Bit of Baaltimore by Janet Stone
My Whimsical Garden by Kaye White
Baltimore Album by Miriam Reed
Mod by Jenifer Dick
Lollipops by Barbara Alsup
Atomic Yellow by Jane Bromberg
Octopus's Garden by Terri Jones
Genesis 1:21 by Robyn Gragg
No L by Janet Stone
The Cotheals at Home by Mayleen Vinson
Waterfall by Sandra Morgan Cockrum
Gala to Love by Stephanie Adams

And now some of the guild quilts:

Summer Solstice by Sandy Morgan Cockrum
Omigosh by Teresa Pfau
Painted Ladies by Kathy Scott
Around the World by Carla Timberlake
The Roc by Janette Sheldon
I wish the colors had come out better in this picture, because they were unexpected and stunning:

A to Z From Thee to Me by Doris MorelockHendrickson
Swan Lake by Carmen Rinehart
Well, that's a good taste of what was in the show. There were a lot more wonderful quilts! I hope you enjoyed seeing some of them.


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