Saturday, November 19, 2016

Houston 2016 - Contest Quilts Part 1

Hi all -

Today I'm going to start giving you a sampling of some of the wonderful quilts I saw in Houston. Today I'll be concentrating on the quilts that were a part of the contest. This will just be a small smattering of the quilts since there are several hundred quilts in the contest, but they are some of my favorites. I'll skip the eight big winners since there are a lot of places to see those quilts online. I thought this year I would organize the contest quilts by category and show my favorite(s) in each one. There are about 20 categories, so this will be a lot of quilts! This is the first half.



Art - Abstract, Large

Lone Star Explores Space by Peter Hayward

The Salt Marsh Near First Encounter Beach (Tuning Fork #29) by Heather Pregger

Art - Abstract, Small

Out of the Shadows by Robin Gausebeck
I saw the following quilt in a magazine before seeing it in person. Pictures don't do it justice! The colors shimmer and the strips look like perfect 1/4" strips, perfectly straight. Amazing!

Summer Solstice by Leah Gravells

Lircles by Susan Garrity
Kaleidocarpet by Randa Mulford
Art - Miniature

Lifetime Partners by Barbara McKie
Art - Naturescapes

Terminus by Christine Alexiou
This is another quilt that really has to be seen in person. The colors glow! It really looks like the sun bouncing off of rock walls.

Fire in the Stone by Kimberly Lacy
Art - People, Portraits and Figures

Lily by Hiroko Miyama
I...Reflection of Life by Olga Gonzalez-Angulo
This quilt was shown on the local Houston news before I saw it in person. Obviously, a touching subject, but also beautifully made.

Love Beareth All Things by Cindy Garcia
African Village by Janneke De Vries-Bodzinga
Art - Pictorial

Country Roads by Joanne Baeth

Summer Storm by Peg Collins
Cat Tails by Pat Durbin
Art - Whimsical

Whimsey in Bloom by Ann Petersen
Urban Rainbow by Pauline Barnes
Tutti Frutti Whimsy Way by Susan Bleiweiss
Connie is a friend of mine who makes incredible graphic quilts. I find these quilts so appealing! She won Honorable Mention for this quilt and for another that she had in the show. The other one will appear in my next post.

A Slice of Pi by Connie Kincius Griner
Amaroo (A Beautiful Place) by Mandy Murray
Digital Imagery

Winter's Tarnish by Diane Rusin Doran
This is the same photo that we used in Pam's thread painting class, but in a much bigger scale. She had originally entered it into one of the art categories because it is completely covered in thread, but the judges moved it to Digital Imagery. The thread is what gives the quilt the incredible detail.

That Jolly Cat Again by Pam Holland
GMO? by Suzan Engler

Midnight Blooms by Lisa Ellis
Happy Halloween 2 by Aki Sakai
Radiance by Lisa Ellis

Tree of Life -- A Gift for My Daughter by Yukiko Mita and 11 friends

Manoa Falls Valley by Shigeko Haruki and 8 friends
Family of Rainbow-Colored Flamingo by Kazue Kamura and 10 friends

Primrose and Promises by Cathy Bingham
Landscape by Susan Ziel
Shining Morning Sun by Mari Kanayama
Precious Time by Naomi Ootomo
Winter Memories by Chieko Shiraishi


  1. Wow Nancy, I feel as though I've been to Houston. Thank you so much for all the wonderful quilt photos, they must have been amazing to see in person. I hope some make it to Birmingham this summer.

    1. Thanks! Hard to believe there's many more to come!!

  2. Such amazing quilts! Thanks for sharing them. I've had a nice cup of tea and enjoyed each photo!

  3. Wonderful to see the quilts!
    Thanks for sharing. Barb

  4. Great photos of the quilts. Thanks for sharing these with all of us drooling quilters.