Sunday, November 27, 2016

Houston 2016 - Special Exhibits Part 1

Hi all -

Today I'm going to start sharing some of the quilts from the special exhibits with you. There are even more special exhibit quilts than there are contest quilts, so I'll only be sharing a sampling. But it'll give you a good idea of just how many quilts you get to see during the Houston festival!

Specimens by Susan Carlson

The special exhibit I was most looking forward to was the Specimens exhibit. I love Susan's quilts and read her blog each week, so I was really looking forward to seeing some of these quilts in person. They are incredible!

This is my favorite of Susan's quilts and is the one that brought her work to my attention:

Tickled Pink by Susan Carlson
I would love to be able to honor my pets in this way:

Golden Temple of the Good Girls by Susan Carlson
This is her latest piece, completed just in time for the exhibit:

Kaloli Moondance by Susan Carlson
And you wouldn't want to miss her life-sized, 20-foot crocodile quilt! I was lucky to be able to take a picture of the entire quilt without any people standing in front of it:

Crocodylus Smylus by Susan Carlson


The Twisted exhibit was really cool! For this exhibit, Mary Kerr took pieces of antique quilts and made modern tops out of them, then gave them to different quilters to be quilted. These quilts were incredible and inspiring!

Dahlias in the Snow by Mary Kerr, quilted by JoAnne Blade and Kim Diamond
Flower Power by Mary Kerr, quilted by Linda Thielfoldt
Pumpkin Harvest by Mary Kerr, quilted by Gina Perkes
Homespun by Mary Kerr, quilted by Donna Ferrill James
Let Me Count the Ways by Mary Kerr, quilted by Debbie Kauffman

The Millefiori Quilts

I had never thought about making a Millefiori quilt until I saw this exhibit in person. These quilts are incredible! But a lot of work!

Tulafiori by Gisele Therezien
Star Gazing by Claudia Menzia
Ballet Avec Kaffe Fassett by Brigitte Jouve
Polychromatic Medley by Christina Belding
Passacaglia in Blues by Asa Holmer
My Butterfly Garden by Dawn Monk
Good Day Mr. Penrose by Karen Tripp, quilted by Sue Fox
There's a lot more to share, but I'm going to stop here for now. My internet is slow tonight and the Broncos/Chiefs game is just starting. Hope you enjoyed this!



  1. Those special exhibits are wonderful! I appreciate the photos so much as they make me feel like I got to be at the show too! The Millefiori quilts have so many pieces in each block; but, each block is so vibrant!! I like the twisted quilts too. She is so out of the box with her designs! Susan's quilts are totally amazing! Thanks! --Terry