Thursday, November 24, 2016

Houston 2016 - Contest Quilts Part 2

Hi all -

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Below are some more pictures of the Houston contest quilts. These are quilts from the categories that I didn't cover in my previous post. They are all so beautiful and there is such a variety! And these are just a few of the quilts that were in the contest. I wish I had time to share them all!

In my next post, I'll start sharing quilts from some of the different exhibits at Houston this year. Again, there are a huge number of beautiful quilts in many different exhibits, so I'll just be sharing my favorites. I hope you enjoy them!!


Innovative Applique

Moonflower by Molly Hamilton-Mcnally

Aztec Sunset by Linda Roy

Innovative Pieced

Bug: Trixelated Transportation by Dionne Matthies-Buban

Vertigo by Elaine Wick Poplin
This is the other quilt in the contest by my friend Connie, her second Honorable Mention ribbon. Again, clean lines, clear colors, beautiful workmanship and clever subject. I wish I could design quilts like these!
View From the Microscope: Pickled Paramecia by Connie Kincius Griner

The Disintegration of the Persistence of Artichokes by Sylvia Schaefer
Mr. Swirl E. Bones by Victoria Findlay Wolf and Shelly Pagliai
The picture of this quilt doesn't do it justice. The colors are really luminous!
Quahadi by Marla Kay Yeager

Bodacious by Marilyn Badger and Claudia Clark Myers

The Big Swirl by Betsy Vinegrad
iQuilt by Kathy York
Five Turns of the Wheel by Sandra Peterson
Merit Quilting, Hand

Sparkling Beyond the Dream by Keiko Minami
Princess Roses by Sachiko Chiba
Merit Quilting, Machine - Frame

From the Bride's Trousseau by Margaret Solomon Gunn
This is another quilt by a friend of mine and another one where the picture doesn't do it justice. This quilt is a beautiful, deep blue. Donna's work is always stunning!!
Imperial Majesty by Donna James
Merit Quilting, Machine - Stationary

This quilt is incredible! It's actually a wholecloth quilt made with black fabric and all of the gold color is created by thread. She says she went over the background quilting three times to make it look like fabric. I had to practically touch the quilt with my nose to see that it really was thread rather than a fabric design!
Little by Little by Ximo Navarro Sirera
Some Kind of Wonderful by Telene Jeffrey
A Spring Twist by Karlyn Bue Lohrenz

Merry Christmas by Aki Sakai

Circle of Spring by Shoko Ferguson

Silk Road by Kumiko Frydl
Mixed Technique

Waltz of the Flowers by Keiko Okamura
Flowered & Feathered Frenzy by Susan Cleveland
It was fun to see this quilt in the contest because it is the class sample from Karen's iQuilt class on English Paper Piecing by Machine. This is the pattern that Trevor's Christmas wallhanging was made from.
Spot On by Karen K Stone
Kaleidoscope by Yurie Suzuki
Traditional Applique

Gift From Two Daughters by Fusako Takido
A Corner of Eden by Hila Maria Lott Leslie
Fantasy Flower by Keiko Ike
Flower Basket Medallion by Sylvi Sealy
And here is my friend Janet's new quilt. It's amazing to me how many beautiful designs she can create using the alphabet and sheep! And they are all so original! The colors are gorgeous!
The A-E-I-O Ewes by Janet Stone
Traditional Pieced

August Lily by Debra Lohman and Donna Lohman
Wheel of Fortune by Judy Ettema
Luminance by Betsy Vinegrad
From Indigo to Silk by Robert James
Grand Illusion by Beth Nufer and Clem Buzick


  1. Amazing quilts, Nancy! I wish we could know what the process was for each artist to create such designs. I sure felt like I was there!

    1. I wish we did, too. They are all so amazing!

  2. Wow... I really do not know how judges choose because to me they are all so fantastic. Each one is a homerun!